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Dereliction of duty

Dereliction of duty

1, the subject of crime of dereliction of duty is national staff.
national staff means personnel engaged in public service in the various State organs at all levels, including in the various State organs, administrative organs, judicial organs, military personnel engaged in public service, as well as the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people's political consultative conference at different levels of personnel engaged in official business.
2 and malfeasance with regard to subjective intent, a small number of crimes can also be due to negligence.
3, objective aspect of the crime of dereliction of duty by State organs staff abuse of dereliction of duty or who fails to perform the duty of serious prejudice to the normal activity of State organs, to the detriment of citizens in the management activities of State organs legitimacy, impartiality and effectiveness of the trust, causing serious losses to the interests of the nation and people.


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