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                                                        &Nbsp;                     traffic accidents Legal Affairs

of any traffic accidents are unfortunate, Lost loved ones of sorrow or pain is that money cannot make up for the injured, but reasonable compensation to at least make the victim or their family members get a little on some life stress and mental comfort. Joint benefits by traffic accident Department is for traffic accident case increasingly growth, and legal service professional of needs and established, this part is Yu pass by set first, and scale maximum, and professional level highlight, and business operation mature of professional sector, by long-term engaged in traffic accident legal service, and has high professional level of lawyer composition, is a support to experts type lawyer mainly of full vitality and vitality of business team, is Chongqing area first established of traffic accident activist professional lawyer team one of, Strive to become the agent for traffic accident in Chongqing the largest number of cases, the credibility of the best team of lawyers.
has long this part lawyer focused Yu traffic accident case victims of claims, they handle has large traffic accident case, for victims cable back has huge compensation, accumulated has rich of claims experience, they to strongly of responsible and sense, through professional of legal service, makes party out has accident processing process in the of many troubles, save not necessary of spending, legal, and effective to maintenance party of lawful rights and interests of, get has party of general praise.
business range:
1, and for traffic accident party provides legal advisory;
2, and according to party of needs, on behalf of drafting indictment, and appeal book, and reply-like, and implementation applications, legal instruments;
3, and agent party on police organ traffic management sector on party physiological, and spirit status, and human injury, and body, and vehicles and driving speed, and traces, and items and site of road status, of test, and identification proposed again test, and identification of application;
4, traffic accident insurance claims and accidents in cases of compensation for personal injuries or property damage litigation.


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