Women during pregnancy and her husband fled after drug trafficking of the bail was arrested after 3 years

  Chongqing evening news reported: three years ago, Qi and her husband was arrested for the crime of drug trafficking, because it was pregnant, she was released on bail pending trial, but during this period, she ran away. She fled to Kashgar, Xinjiang, were thought to be safe here. Unexpectedly, the Chongqing police recently appeared in front of her.
   on December 17, 2009, Qi and her husband to 5000 Yuan price in Chongqing 10 grams of heroin trafficking, was caught in the Act, because the alignment was pregnant was released on bail pending trial, fled after pursuit by high-yield Internet road police station.
   this year's "net-cleaning action" has entered a crucial stage since Meng Chuang Ye Zhibin, Deputy Director, Director of times in aligning a capture program.
   before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the security team Vice Captain He Junfeng led security police working in the Xinjiang Kashi Bai Shuncheng to align a catch.
   Bai Shuncheng used its advantage of working in Xinjiang, through personal relations in South Xinjiang military area command dispatched armed fighters together into alignment of a domicile of the police village of Mo Pai.
   after more than 10 consecutive days of work, He Junfeng, Bai Shun Cheng traveled in 7 provinces in southern Xinjiang, was located somewhere in the southern Qi imprisoned husband.
   police He Junfeng, Bai Shuncheng by her husband found the Qi's father-in-law, mother-in-law and his sister, then voted for their families legal advocacy and advice work. Qi's family insists that does not know the whereabouts of qi.
   on September 19, the security police led Zhigang Wu Qiang, erqi district, in complete yandongcun and the village after extensive troubleshooting, visit the River, mastered the ancient one Xinjiang woman named yan Dong, lived in the village, according to the description of the female is most likely justified.
   on September 20, the cooperation of the relevant departments of the municipal Public Security Bureau, police in the back River in the village of a ramen Museum in Xinjiang will be aligned in a captured.
   at present, high-yield road police station 25 Internet fugitive has been captured 19, arrest rate of 76%.



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