Wanted woman being taken away more than 100 hours after being released on bail pending trial reasons do not meet the conditions of arrest

  2:30 A.M. yesterday, is wanted in the woman and her husband Liu, walked out of the Hall of xinghe County Public Security Bureau, holding a notice of bail. Released on bail on the grounds that "does not meet the conditions of arrest", but still not out of the suspect. To see family members taken away by the police and more than 100 hours, in Lady very rational, she said a justice to the trade and Industry Bureau. Inner Mongolia xinghe County Public Security Bureau official told reporters, in the present case is still under further detection, if the results will be communicated to the media as soon as possible, but for MS ruoyu prove irrelevant to the case after the question of compensation, expressed no opinion.
Cyber pursuit within 7 days to cancel the
the day before 11 o'clock, after a 6 hour drive, Yu XING and the police took office. About 1 o'clock in the morning, the police requested the sign a bail decision. "Oh my lover or a suspect. "Mr Liu was worried that his wife once the instrument is signed, his recognition of their suspect status, both sides deadlocked for a long time. Eventually, in MS is on the written decision was signed. Police said Ms will be lifted within 7 days for cyber pursuit.
in connection with the company cancelled
police woman to show me HO to the Secretary for trade and industry when handling the transfer of shares carrying the material, there is a picture of Yu signed copy of ID card, a handprint on the signature, however, ID card copy only the written text of a. It makes Yu have a greater challenge: "ID cards photocopied on both sides. "
Yu told reporters while undergoing police interrogation, the police told her that, at present, in connection with the dawn of the automobile trade companies are still not cancelled, and there are still 400,000 yuan in company accounts. In this regard, Yu was very worried: If you haven't yet been caught committing crimes in other locations he used this company, she will still be treated as suspects were taken away by the police. Although it has been released on bail to await trial, she will continue to live in fear. Ms
in/> dialogue: make sure you get a statement
Reporter: leaving home to more than 100 hours, how do you spend it?
in MS: first day in jail, I almost collapsed, spent the night in tears, fear for no apparent reason as prisoners. I dare not think how long I will stay here, thought I cannot bear too much.
Reporter: what's your opinion to be a guarantor?
Yu: I understand the police practice, I believe my son is innocent.
interviewer: what impact it has on your life?
Yu: I will still wake up sleeping, weren't great, I believe I can live normally.
Reporter: you what are you going to do next?
Yu: I will have to get the business sector get a statement of Hanzhong, scrubbing their grievances to me, or you can prevent the company from making the case.



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