Traffic police: General has filed for investigation of drunk driving suspects a guarantor

Yesterday at about 9 o'clock in the morning, 5 handled all drunk drivers were released on bail pending trial. Traffic Police Department said that at present, has filed for investigation of drunken driving suspect, Police General was released on bail pending trial. Parties have a clear status, place of work, place of residence and the guarantor are eligible to apply.
under the provisions of the code of criminal procedure, after the suspect on bail without approval of the Executive Body shall not leave the residence cities, counties, on receipt of the subpoena to be subpoenaed by the police shall not in any way interfere with a witness to testify, but not to destroy or falsify evidence or collude with others. In addition, after you apply for release on bail, suspects if they do not accept belonging to "bail", the public security organs will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of its pursuit for handling Internet, forfeiture of deposit.
it is worth mentioning that, as a condition of bail guarantor can also be limited. Guarantors must be not involved in the case, entitled to political rights and has permanent residence in the city and a fixed income (work), and have the ability to fulfil obligations. Guarantor should fulfil also include supervision of suspects related to adherence to the code of criminal procedure provisions or find a guarantor may occurs or has occurred in violation of the foregoing Act, promptly made a report to the Executive Body a series of obligations. In addition to friends, spouses and family members provided that they meet the guarantor requirements, also as the guarantor.



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