The phrase "don't run me" moral reflection of social need positive energy

   on July 1, "don't run me" has become a hot spot of public opinion, widely disseminated on the Internet.

       why a simple accident, but touched the sores of society, became a hot topic, and drew widespread attention? Find a lawyer-law 168 Web site distinguished lawyers to unlock this sequence of events.

       about 1:30 P.M. June 30, photographer witnessed Mr NIE xingyang city Zhongyuan road and road traffic accident, a tanker truck crashed after a woman ride electric cars, Mr NIE said the woman's driver shouted: "don't run over me! "Mr NIE will tell story of Henan local online media journalist.

       12:32 July 1, a press release of this report. Report says: "when drivers stood in the Middle, women clearly are very afraid, connect a sore, and begging, ' don't run over me. ' "

       after three days of fermentation, the matter has been turned into a popular event. "It touched the sores of society. "When a Netizen in the forwarding, Twitter said.


witness: victim had shouted "don't run me"

      , NIE said, tankers are in Wanshan Road hit a man when his car stopped on the opposite side, with photo cameras took pictures of the scene after the crash. Mountain road is four lanes wide, wide and more than 10 meters. Mr NIE said, their location, about 10 meters from the tanker docked location. He said he heard the victim shouted: "don't run over me, don't run over me! "

      " is used in Henan accent. "NIE told lawyers of river law of 168 sites, after the driver to stop, get off squatted beside the car view. Then up to the door. In this gap, under the victims shouted words.

       from the scene have a shop owner said more than 10 meters away, and actually hear the cries of the wounded, "but did not hear the call. "

       yesterday, legal 168 website condolences Yingyang lawyers see lying in the second people's hospital wards the wounded woman stripping. Doctor Xing Xiaohao said injured three ribs on the right side and right arm fracture, head injury, but only broke my skull. "Her fright. "The wounded son said, her legs would tremble with fear at night.

      , Xin said, also could not remember if he said "don't run over me." The sympathy she just told to find lawyer lawyer, "heard a noise under the car, what happens next is not known. "

tanker driver: injured did not say these words

       yesterday afternoon, legal 168 websites found driver Zhu's lawyers.

       as one of the parties, in the face of comments on the network, he felt he was wronged. "I have no escape, online criticism of me. "He said, after he got out of view, underneath the famous woman was found injured, and there was blood. "I hear she is sore. "Said Mr Zhu, then get up and go to the door, is to get a cell phone for a 120. "Victims did not say, ' don't run over me. ' "He insisted.

       before the 120 arrived, he dived under the car to carry the injured out, dyed with blood on their clothes, police also took photographs of evidence.

       120 arrived, Zhu took out his mobile phone from the wounded, to the victim's husband telephoned Mr Chu. This has been confirmed by Mr Chu.

       after the incident, when Chu arrived at the hospital and saw bloodied Zhu stood on the sidelines. "After the driver was bad. "Mr Chu said. "Young man, haven't seen this kind of thing, certainly also scared not light. "Mr Chu said until he came to the emergency room, to remind drivers to deal with accidents.

expert opinions are more willing to believe what she said

       said Shi Pu, Henan University of Economics and law professor, whether victims have said "don't run over me", public opinion is selectively more willing to believe what she said. Netizens attitude reflects the mentality of society as a whole.

       many extreme cases do occur in the community, including the "Xiao Yue Yue", "fall helped or not helped" the discussion, trust between people has come to a very dangerous situation.

       the emergence of some extreme cases, caused fear of blackmail, victims worry about secondary rolling. This is not only the issue of trust between man and man. Shi Pu said that after the accident, people should think of is to save lives. But now the general psychological community is in life and weigh between the interests, in order to reduce the damage of interests, willing to maim each other.

       Shi Pu, a person before the law is a passive restraint, if you want to change this, to keep people's attention from the consciousness of life, attachment to human rights, build effective protection measures to life.

       "traffic accidents if drivers did not take active rescue measures ex post facto, but secondary to the wounded rolled, it will upgrade from ordinary traffic accident to murder. "Yesterday, lawyer-law of 168 websites condolences lawyer said.

       to our criminal law, the maximum punishment prescribed for the offence of causing traffic for 7 years. For intentional deprivation of life and circumstances, the consequences are particularly serious criminal offences, the law will be severely punished.

       disregard for life or even hurt, he will pay a heavy price.

       a common accident, has become a social focus. As users said, which may trigger social pain. So from now on, this community of positive energy from you and I have ...



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