Men's door-to-door debt collectors were killed, because in order to recover the drug money

  Chongqing Police yesterday to keep the media informed, on January 13 in a suspected gun-related homicides in the city have detected suspected gun-related homicide of qiuzhizhong criminal suspects have been arrested, local police seized suspects committing the crime using guns 1, bullet 3.
7 hours detected shooting
, according to local police, January 13 at 23:30, West of Yuancheng district public Security Bureau police station received a report, saying there was a man who was wounded by a shot in Yuancheng district people's Hospital. Investigation by the
, Luo Songhui by gunshot wounds died in hospital nearly 10 minutes later, police investigators in the hospitals of the deceased friend Luo Songhui Qiu, mound a second person to investigate. According to Qiu told to the police, the night of the incident, Luo Songhui and had some of the dead, "" yawei ", who Lin Jiang Zhen, zijin to recover debts, following a dispute with the debtor the debtor with a homemade gun wounds.
according to the situation, police rushed to have a home, captured prepared flight had a wife, and seized from him a small amount of methamphetamine, police then had a wife suddenly informed that once a night to recover debtors Lin Jiang Zhen, zijin is qiuzhizhong. Preliminary analysis of
by the police judge, finds qiuzhizhong gun-related killings of criminal suspects. The morning of 14th, in dongyuan County in a business hotel room 610 qiuzhizhong criminal suspects arrested in a timely manner, while in a hotel room 610, methamphetamine seizures more than more than 10 grams.
police later seized in front of his house near the Hill buried in the sand in the log by committing a crime with a gun, the gun was homemade pistols, 40cm.
the door to recover drug money was shot qiuzhi
criminal suspects in confession, since 2012, some repeatedly selling meth to qiuzhizhong smoking, qiuzhizhong thus owed a drug money of more than 3,000 yuan. The evening of January 13, some Luo Songhui, "Jiangxi cousin yawei" while waiting for the person to qiuzhizhong House to recover the drug money, and disputes between the two sides, qiuzhizhong immediately enraged, out of hiding at home soil in gun and Luo Songhui shoulder at close range, Luo Songhui left lung was caused by canister shot, cause severe lung rupture death.
now qiuzhizhong criminal suspects have been detained by the police, and criminal suspects had a wife, Hu LAN, administrative detention by the police on suspicion of carrying drugs.        Police are still involved in the remaining number of fugitive criminal suspects arrested.



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