Man steal 2800 Yuan fled 25 years turned himself in after being released on bail pending trial

25 years ago, he was 33 years old. Can't stand the hardship of life, notoriety, he committed a theft, stole countryman 2800 business principal, after his family learned that immediately returned the money, however, he was killed on the road to escape.
    now he is 58 years old, has been tortured life as a fugitive to a Frazzle. In recent days, left for the 25-year-old suspect Wu Xianlin (not his real name) accompanied by sons, into Yueqing dajing police station. He refreshed the national arrest fugitives fled in time record. At present, Wu Xianlin have been released on bail pending trial.
stole 2800 Yuan, began life as a fugitive
    in 1986, Jing Wu Xianlin town, Yueqing is a sale of cloth vendor, had a very hard life. October of the same year, he and compatriot Xu and others went to Tianshui County, Anhui Province, with several people staying at a local hostel. On October 31 that year, Wu Xianlin Xu is not in the room with the room, stole it in the closet with clothing wrapped 2800 Yuan. The next morning, Xu discovered money was missing and reported to the local public security organs. Local police found Wu Xianlin when questioned, denied this.
    Xu back to the Guest House but skeptical questioning Wu Xianlin after truth, the anxiety of Wu admitted his crimes. Both sides agreed, as long as Wu Xianlin to pay back, Xu let bygones be bygones. However, Wu Xianlin feared Xu back, with money to sneak off early in the morning the next day.
    a few days later, returned to Yueqing dajing home Wu Xianlin, will tell the secret to his wife, his wife urged them to give the money back to the Xu immediately. The same day, wife with 2800 Yuan to Xu Jia Wu, Xu to explain and seek their forgiveness.
    However, Wu Xianlin medium message at home more and more afraid, then Pack out of the warm and harmonious home, this run is 25 years old.
  wives waiting for civilian police advised
    NET-cleaning operations carried out since the Yueqing da Jing Wu wives, police often take the initiative to come to do ideological work, hope she was able to contact Wu Xianlin urged them to surrender as soon as possible.
    Wu thought of fugitive husband wife in tears, "he guts is very small, and very afraid of jail, escaped or were never dropped us." NG my wife told police after her husband fled with only their mother live with each other, life was very hard.
    Wu Xianlin's sons Xiao Wu (not his real name) said, his mother a person, make a home is not easy, not only to take care of him, to take care of older family members, but his father no further news over the years, he and his mother hope night and day, and looking forward to a reunion as soon as possible. Think of this, Wu is particularly distressed mother hate irresponsible father.
   , "my dad is on contact us that only in recent years, we knew he was very bitter. "Wu said he also tried to get him an early surrender, ending suffering.
    on September 17, the Yueqing da Jing under the coordination of the police station, brought the incident to the police station to dajing, Yueqing police station case, when Wu Xianlin accompanied by family members, walked into the police station has for many years been afraid of.
day, and unworthy of his wife
    in the station house, and is tortured by 25-year life as a fugitive skinny Wu Xianlin to years of life to the civilian police walked slowly road. "Whenever you see a police car, heard a siren, even people in uniform, I could not help but get nervous." Wu Xianlin says fugitive days, every day is a torment, not even a phone call to your home.
    live a life in hiding, Wu Xianlin nerves remain tense. "The first two years I was working at a brick kiln in Jiangxi, but dared not stay in one place for a long time, dry for some time in a new place, almost escaped over the more than half of China. But no matter where I was scared to communicate with others, for fear of being to spot the flaw. "
    Wu Xianlin says: "every Chinese new year holiday, when watching someone else family reunion and kills me, just tossing and turning at night at midnight, a man quietly wiped tears. Absconded for 25 years, I almost forgot what it is. In fact, I've been countless times to surrender, but really to fear long prison life, again and again to escape, but his own.
    fled to surrender, Wu Xianlin threw the whole family to the wife of a man, "his wife without any complaint to me, wait on my mom, taking care of her son, a burdens fell on her shoulders alone, sorry most is her. Now only a good transformation, when I thanked her for the rest. "
    "If that wasn't the impulse, and now, I am sure that is safe and stays at home, happily with my wife and child, was able to admit mistakes, never got such a consequence, family grief, let the children do not have access to the father's love. Also not so neglected the most precious time of life...... "Wu Xianlin regrets, for 25 years, he felt at home, sleep is the most practical!
    now the suspect has been in accordance with law of the bail.



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