Laws, please don't let the "Lei feng's grandma" to pay taxes

Zhang LAN of Chongqing shapingba district, more than 60 years, plans to own: 400,000 yuan worth of facade donated to a welfare fund for the handicapped in Chongqing. The day before yesterday morning, she signed the pledge book. Signing the words, aunt found donation real estate doing good not that simple, not only various procedures, the taxes to be paid 70,000 yuan. Eventually, the real estate sector decided to part with a special matter of relief. However, Granny Zhang LAN still wondering: why do we have to pay taxes?

put your real estate donation to charity, it would have been a good thing, why do we have to pay tax? And all of a sudden more than 70,000 dollars? See this news, many users began to abuse the property Division. In fact, it hit the wrong target. Real estate sector is a national law, what is wrong with them? Just think, if our clerk is the real estate sector, we do not charge this tax law?

transfer pay 3% tax, 5.6% business tax, deed tax, 6% the land value increment tax. These items are provided for by law. Aunt zhanglan shops was estimated at more than 400,000 yuan, according to the standards, she is required to pay tax of more than 70,000 yuan. Real estate donations to charity is doing good, if this tax is paid, did not become a joke? The joke is not in favor of cold, but the absence of system.

after knowing that the old man's Act, staff of the Housing Department in high esteem. They said check out the law, so that "can relief relief". But after the relief, still need to pay several tens of thousands of Yuan of taxes. Not only that, but charitable donations accepted component still needs to pay a tax.

Zhang LAN is caring for the elderly. She is using the shop shop business, income is often donated to charity. She thought she was older, business concept behind, don't make money. This also makes her shop was donated to the disabled living Foundation, she wanted to make the little door to benefit more people with disabilities. Love the thick, let us respect. However, "do good to pay tax" the embarrassment hurt love.

Yes, the housing sector is willing to go to the special matter, the question is the special matter still need to spend a lot of money. A more than 60-year old woman to give away everything out, what to pay taxes? Moreover, as the finance sector is, in itself, cause, and payment of a fee is not appropriate. If fees are really in accordance with the law, the old lady and receiving departments they occupy the actual price paid how much?

even though, the special matter is complete, is not charged a penny, it would be a complicated process, which need a lot of "illegal" to do so. It's embarrassing thing, right? Besides, exemption from costs of doing the old, something good coming out of the old Lee, will have to rely on special matter? The special matter in Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Yunnan, encountered such a thing can only do?

it's not staff too dogmatic, but loopholes in laws and regulations. The author thought that emphasizes charity, advocating love helping today, tax laws and regulations need to be changed, cannot let the law cold, blocked love's footsteps.

crack "charitable donation tax", not only by the special matter, to have tender feelings in black and white rules. I don't let "from comrade Lei Feng" taxes.



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