Fraud of more than 80,000 yuan men tuizang guarantor

  Zou in January 10 fraud of more than 80,000 yuan, on February 10, Zou surrendered came to the District Public Security Bureau, on 27th and to hand over all money. At present, Zou and his henchmen have been released on bail pending trial.
Zou for traffic accident 3 years in jail, jail after Newport Pier under construction transporting stone. Stone unloading Pier, pier staff will be issued to the Zou some material receipt, Zou paid according to material receipt in the Treasury. In January, the Zou is a sudden tilt, and has forged a lot Newport dock receiving documents and seal the two pieces, and forged a stack of material receipt of payment of the sum of 100,000 yuan.
Zou to find inmate surnamed Wang for help. On January 10, Wang carried forged material receipt to find finance staff, ordered to pay 100,000 yuan. Beam ever seen, all Exchange only had cash on hand of more than 80,000 yuan. Then it was pointed out that these documents were fake.
beam after the alarm, the police soon suspect Wang, Zou some escape from Weihai. On February 10, the Zou is a initiative to come to the police station to surrender. On 27th, Zou a fraud proceeds 81300 money turned over to the police. At present, Zou, Wang has been released on bail pending trial, the case is still under investigation.



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