Four years of college without student status "sneak" make whose fault?

  college graduation season, spent more than four years of more than 20 students at the University in Chongqing has suffered a blow. Paid to the intermediary, in College four years, upon graduation, then why haven't school? Living classroom, campus, school authorities are not informed, who is suspected? Transfer of interest?

    "spend 200,000 yuan to reading University was cheated" event is raised before the social concern. Responses of Chongqing University, which is an admissions fraud. Reporters found that this is a mediation project "second degree" diploma, such as posing as an official diploma, students and parents on national education policies do not understand, chances to "cut corners", "second degree" enrichment "black hole".

    cheated admission per person for four years more than 200,000 yuan for tuition

    four years ago, 18 year old Zhang Xin (not his real name) failed the college entrance examination. Guangdong compatriot Chen Dong he fathers a commitment can operate to Chongqing University, read for 4 years, formal diplomas and degree certificates, but have to pay 150,000 yuan service charge.

    new pay soon after received an admission notice and student manuals, read, "you are a finance professional in our school admission. "Seal displayed on the notice is the" project ". Admission number is "8607520".

    in September, and Zhang Xin 4 students to the University of Chongqing. New military training on campus, they are a self-proclaimed Zhang Jie's "Assistant teacher" drive to campus a place separate training, was placed at the end to idle public housing accommodation in the dormitory at Chongqing University.

    Zhang Xin said, they 4 years with 6 classes administered by the economics and Management College of Chongqing University class 2011, annually raises 1. 50,000 yuan in tuition and fees, but no student ID card, no card, no access to libraries, named no names in class; even though they lived in a dormitory, together with the formal reunification admissions, but floor utility room or power distribution room, and often "dormitory"; midterm, final exam in a separate classroom, examination content and teaches nothing.

    for this kind of difference, new never found school reflects, because somebody said a new, he is by "relationship" in Wuhan University, "like no other".

    6 classes administered by the class leader, who asked not to be named said that Zhang Xin is a cadre of the Student Union are introduced into the class. "I find it strange that reflected to the College teachers in students ' work. Teachers report that they may be taught, or another way to OAU admission. I didn't ask her. "

    Zhang Xin said," we doubted ourselves, to find Jason, he always said, ' you are a special way to, keep it a secret, is coordinating, will be resolved as soon as possible. We graduated great hopes had not reflected. "

    by 2015, today make more than 200,000 yuan to Zhang Jie Zhang Xin. About to graduate, his archives on the Internet, enter the ID number and found "no such person". He called Jason, nobody answered. It suddenly dawned on Zhang Xin: "fools! "

   " their tickets were fake, counterfeit means inferior, which is an admissions fraud. "Wang Fu, Director of undergraduate admissions at Chongqing University," said 2011 Chongqing University finance into economics class by class enrollment, there is no separate admissions, notice cannot appear on ' finance Professional. Only stamped notice of enrollment of the school seal, do not cover ' project '. "

    students how black chain prepared?

    four-year study, why the hoax has not been left unnoticed? Reporters found that behind another mystery.

    It is understood that the approval by the education sector, some majors in some universities the "second degree" students include full-time undergraduate students, correspondence, Yeda, tvu, self-taught undergraduate students, and social workers. As long as any university undergraduate diploma and degree certificates, or "first degree", can apply for "second degree".

    in this case, number intermediary lied about "internal relations", "leadership acquaintance", the name of "school reading, formal degree" cover up charge "service charge", some colleges and universities offer domestic "second degree" education, packaged into full-time manpower recruiting regular undergraduate diploma admissions fraud and wantonly accumulate wealth.

    is the general process, mediation by school staff, borrowed the place, teachers and other resources, in the University, "school", or participate in "full-time student." But pretend to be for students who were called by special way to go to University, you can also received a graduate diploma. Due to college classes, and is very deceptive.

    student "jiedu" at the same time, organization of intermediary organizations who participate in self-taught education examination, other university undergraduate diploma, to apply for a Bachelor's degree a year later. Undergraduate diplomas and degree certificates, organizations with the well-known colleges and two-year "second degree" education, get stamped "elite" seal "the Bachelor", from "self or tvu graduates" to "elite undergraduate" packaging.

    mired in this hoax student Wang introduced mediation first "hunger", promises to get a regular diploma, Chongqing University and a Bachelor's degree, then "second degree" package, let students believe that they and the admissions undergraduates, get regular school "diploma". Parents of the academic degrees of these concepts is not clear, what formal admission to the country also do not really understand, just got cards, how not to get in trouble from intermediaries.

    reporters learned at Chongqing University and other colleges and universities, such "Black households" have formed a sizeable group, at a conservative estimate there are hundreds of people.

    in 2013, the Chongqing University only to be issued "second degree" in software engineering to cease such admissions due to school "second degree" became illegal intermediary recruitment scams "guise". Since then, mediation never got through formal channels, "second degree". Agency promises fall through, scams exposed.

    However, reporters found that number intermediary aimed at the other targets also have the right to offer "second degree" University, these colleges and universities there are also many students know the truth like new.

    Wang said, she realized that deceived after the mediation, the intermediary told her, even impossible to Wuhan University the second degree can also handle the China University of Geosciences (CQ) of the second degree, but need to pay 80,000 yuan.

    reporters get in touch with an agency, they said as long as the fees to get a second Bachelor's degree. The Agency said: "College tube was loose, you're in good hands, has a group of students through the operation successfully get a diploma. "

    work together to curb the" fish in troubled waters "

    at present, the 3 suspects detained by the police in connection with the case, 3 people are intermediaries.

    Chongqing University, said schools admissions scam victims. Wang Fu said: "We detest admissions fraud, fraud in the name of some people of Chongqing University, damage the reputation of Chongqing University, had an adverse impact in the community. We will cooperate with the police investigation. "

    while Chongqing University official also said that boycott admissions fraud cases have some difficulty. Since 2006, the school has exposed at least 24 involving Wu scams information. But according to the requirements of the current law and the public security organs, suspected the school admissions fraud alert after no owners ' Corporation, ' because the school is not a legal or public security organs asked victims. School opened in 2007 fraud columns by way of announcement to remind students not to fraud.

    "colleges and universities are places closed, Chongqing University many Exchange students and their minor. Classmates in a classroom is not necessarily, this is normal. Schools without the ability to verify the identities of all students in class. "Wang Fu said.

    experts believe that, to form the police, school authorities and parents together. Central China Normal University, said Fan Xianzuo, a Professor of education, education in State higher education forms a variety of formal legal channels, parents and students to know more about policy, self-study examination, means, take the card. "No pie in the sky, if you simply think that spending money on good universities, you can buy a diploma, tend to fall into the admissions fraud set traps. "
    for Internet users concerned about" how to live in dormitory "questioning, Wen Jun Zhang, Secretary of Chongqing University rear service group, said, learned of the matter, the logistics group set up an investigation team to the site to view. He said, "did not rule out staff consciously or unconsciously participating in events to possibilities. Currently under investigation. "



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