Extortion suspects bail during the drunk driving criminal suspect Zhang was arrested

Recently, Chongqing's Procuratorate arrested on the alleged extortion was according to law of criminal suspects on bail awaiting trial for dangerous driving. It was "drunk-driving into the penalty" since, the hospital handled the first case of suspected cases of dangerous driving.
it is learned that, in August 2010, a solicitation being executed in Chongqing Long Ping Xiang Huang, illegal detention, ask for cash after the more than 1900 Yuan. After the case has been transferred to the Chongqing people's Procuratorate, the review found that: the criminal suspect Zhang of school students, September 29, 2011 decided to bail, and the back to school to stay in school. On November 23, 2011, Zhang, during the bail period, at Enshi City restaurant drink drunk driving car collided with the motorcycle, resulting in vehicle damage, injury road traffic accidents. After the accident, police investigator commissioned products quality supervision and inspection Institute in Enshi Autonomous Prefecture to a blood alcohol content test. Determination: 94.47 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, according to the State administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of vehicles drivers blood and breath alcohol content threshold and inspection provisions of the blood alcohol content exceeds 0.8mg/ml for drunk driving.
years ago, Chongqing people's Procuratorate in accordance with amendments to the Penal Code (eight) and related provisions, in accordance with the criminal suspect Zhang on suspicion of dangerous driving for approval of arrest. At present, the Department of public prosecutions is the prosecution of the case.



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