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18 of the just-concluded party plenary session examined and adopted the CPC Central Committee decision on comprehensively promoting the rule of law a number of important issues. Decided based China Socialist rule of law construction actual, face China rule of law construction field of highlight problem, clear proposed has full advance law ruling of guideline, and general target, and principles, proposed has on law ruling of series new views, and new initiatives, answered has party of led and law ruling relationship, series major theory and practice problem, on Science legislation, and strictly law enforcement, and just judicial, and universal law-abiding, and rule of law team construction, and strengthening and improved party on full advance law ruling of led made has full deployment And respond to the voices of the people and community concerns, and will strongly push forward the process of ruling by law, is speeding up the construction of the Socialist country's programmatic document.
in our more than 1.3 billion people of the developing countries to promote the rule of law, is a broad and profound revolution in the field of governance. Plenary session the decision makes it clear that, to promote the rule of law, the overall goal is to build a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, and build a socialist State. Achieving this general objective, we must adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China must adhere to the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics must be adhered to the Socialist theory with Chinese characteristics. The leadership of the party is the most essential characteristic of socialism with Chinese characteristics, but also to ensure a Socialist fundamental; the Socialist system with Chinese characteristics is the fundamental basis of the system of rule of law, is the fundamental guarantee of promoting the rule of law; is the rule of law system of socialist theory with Chinese characteristic theoretical guidance and academic support, is the operational guidelines for promoting the rule of law. These three constitute the core meaning of a socialist road with Chinese characteristics, requirements and ensure that a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics of system properties and the way forward.
the leadership of the party and governing the country according to law is the core issue of the rule of law. Uphold the rule of law must first adhere to the rule of Constitution, ruling first, adhere to the Constitution ruling according to law. Fundamental law of the State in the form of our Constitution reflects the leadership of the Communist Party of revolution, construction and reform outcomes established in the choice of history and the people formed the leadership of the Communist Party of China. In China, adhere to the party's leadership, is the essence of the party and the State, and vital, is the interests of the people of all ethnic groups in the country, happy, is a Socialist fundamental requirements and to promote the rule of law in the proper meaning. The leadership of the party and the Socialist concept of the rule of law is consistent with the Socialist must adhere to the leadership of the party, the leadership of the party must rely on the Socialist concept of the rule of law, to leadership of the party, law enforcers, support, lead compliance. To uphold the party's leadership, the people are the masters, and governing the organic unity, is one of the basic lessons of Socialist construction in our country, but also the rule of law in China and the so-called Western "constitutional Government" a fundamental difference.

laws are governance, the rule of law is an important basis of national governance system and its governance capacity. Now, complete the building of a well-off society entered a decisive phase, the reform has entered a crucial period and the Sham Shui Po District, reform, development and stability tasks we face unprecedented an unprecedented challenge, conflict risk of, the rule of law party and the country's position in the global more focused, more important role. Promoting the rule of law, our CPC, people's well-being, the relationship between the party and the country's long-term stability. To promoted China economic social continued health development, and constantly liberation and enhanced social vitality, and promote social fair justice, and maintenance social harmony stable, constantly develop China features Socialist more broad of development prospects, on must full advance Socialist rule of law national construction, better and manpower social power, and balance social interests, and regulation social relations, and specification social behavior, makes China social in deep change in the both vibrant and order, achieved economic development, and political Tomb, and culture prosperity, and social just, and ecological good, Achieve the strategic goal of China's peaceful development.
"law, rule ends. "China is becoming a country of rule of law governance, community beliefs. 18 plenary session of the party to the distinct claims at home and abroad, we will unswervingly follow the Socialist road with Chinese characteristics, and to build socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics for the total handle, on the legal track, promote the modernization of national governance systems and governance capacity, struggling to build a rule of law in China!


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