Chongqing qijiang district labor dispute Arbitration Commission

Applicant: Weng, male, Han nationality, 58 years old, Shi Jiao Zhen x Jie Chongqing qijiang, x.
    Attorney: Ling Zhongshi, Chongqing's best lawyers, in particular authorized agents.
    respondent: Chongqing Dong Yuan electric power development co, address: Chongqing qijiang district of Sanjiang Street real village.
    legal representative: Huang Wei, male, the respondent Chairman of the Board.
    legal representative: Wang jili, male, was Director of the applicant, in particular authorized agents.
    case: overtime pay, paid annual leave pay dispute
    Weng Mousheng applicants and respondent Dong Yuan electric power development co, Ltd, Chongqing overtime pay, paid annual leave compensation dispute case on March 19, 2012, application to the Board. Upon examination, this same day, Wei Li Yong and placing of summary proceedings, by the arbitrators quickly settled the case. Applicant Weng Mousheng and its authorized agent Ling Zhongshi, was the applicant's legal representative, Mr Michael Wong and agent Wang Jili were present and participated in the arbitration and mediation activities. This trial has now ended.
    Weng Mousheng says: September 7, 2001 I labor relationship with the respondent, as respondent's puhe plant manager duties, power plant staff and Director of ten people. Implementation of the day shift, swing shift, night shift work in three shifts of employees, three people on duty in each class, and management positions and I alone, on the day shift and there is no chance to rest all the year round. In June 2009, due to a retirement after no new employees to fill their work, I can only take over the vacant post. At this point start and eight other workers working three shifts so far. I was actually at work every day, no vacations for more than 10 years. In February 2007, March, my salary does not meet minimum wage, the difference is 234.33; from September 2001 to March 2012 Saturday, Sunday total 1095 days of overtime, calculated according to the average 40 RMB/day x200%, day of rest overtime wages 87600; statutory holidays from September 2001 to August 2007 amounted to overtime for 60 days, calculated in accordance with x300% 40/per day on average, statutory holidays, overtime pay for 7200 In 2008, has not paid annual leave amounts to 30 days, according to an average of 60 Yuan/day x200% (deduction of normal working wages), holiday overtime pay to 3600. Is requesting a ruling on the respondent to pay me: 1, the minimum wage balance 234.33; 2, day of rest overtime 87600; 3, statutory holidays, overtime 7200; 4, no annual leave pay 3600.
    by the Board in accordance with mediation, the parties voluntarily agree as follows:
    the respondent in court to cover overtime pay, paid annual vacation pay paid 9500 Yuan.
    upon review of the agreement in line with the People's Republic of China Law on labor dispute mediation and arbitration 42nd article, second paragraph, the authority confirmed by law.
    from the date of signing by the parties of this mediation has the force of law.



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