Chongqing fugitives surrendered by micro-Bo surrendered counseling initiative for which police have to do finish the bail procedures allow the first home

"Now I'm back to Chongqing surrendered, bail possible? "On September 16, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau official Tencent weibo" safe Chongqing "receive a direct message, understanding Cyber pursuit surrendered personnel policy, immediately created a police on duty were concerned. After a detailed inquiry, the police initially identified, the name "fish-Hui" friends, identity and a wounding case that occurred before 3 months coincide with the suspects.
, "fish-Hui" surnamed Qin. On June 2, at 3 o'clock in the morning, 26 Pro three townships in Chongqing, with six or seven friends for supper, yellow for trifles and victim of a dispute. Qin, infuriated, conveniently picking up beer bottles hit the yellow head, yellow caused by a badly beaten.
after the incident, Huang Qin and a consultation to settle, but to no avail. Tanmou then left town to return to hometown in Hunan province. Forensic, Hwang's injury as minor injuries. On June 9, the Valley police station received the victims to report, and for the investigation of criminal cases. Qin, after that, and fled to Shanghai and other places.
after the confirmation of surrendered person, "safe Chongqing" police on duty immediately told him to do ideological work, explaining the "net-cleaning action" policy. Is responsible for the police handling of the case Yang Junhao told reporters that the "net-cleaning operations", according to the related policy, after fugitive suspects to surrender, may be sentenced to five years in prison, according to law can apply for bail, surveillance and other non-custodial measures.
the notice from police, NEPA has been dubious, and later through their micro-blog to "safe Chongqing" made a direct message, but deserve the attention of police, police carried out a detailed explanation and persuasion, and made it clear from the first bail and leniency.
"received a reply I'll relax, from home to Chongqing by train. "Tanmou said, after several of his friends also committed crimes in three rural flight, after he came back this time to surrender, also refer to the" net-cleaning action "policy told the villagers. At present, there is already a fellow contacted police to surrender.
"South folk think-tank" founder, well-known friends "Xiamen waves" that the police microblog has become a platform of communication and public relations. "Twitter this way is good, because it is easy to be accepted by all, microblogging, criminals can get their own psychological shut while police use Twitter to communicate with people in the process, also promote their own changes in management culture, habits and language style. "" In Xiamen, "said



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